I’m Oliver, I have been a Personal Trainer to men and women, directly at their homes in the Weald of Kent and East-Sussex since 2004. 

I am on a mission to help and inspire as many men and women as I can, whether complete beginners to fitness or avid gym-goers, to reach their goals, whether they are to:

GET IN GREAT SHAPE  To look and feel your absolute best, slim, toned and confident.

TRAVEL  Keep going where you want to go and doing what you want to do, making memories along the way

SPORTS  Get and keep fit and strong to keep playing golf, tennis, skiing, running and more

KIDS AND GRANDKIDS  Be the active parent and grandparent, have fun and make special memories

HOBBIES  From gardening to walking to dancing, physical hobbies require the right kind of physicality to perform with enjoyment and for years to come

PHYSICAL HEALTH  Add years to life and life to your years. Support heart health, strengthen bones, improve balance and blood pressure, lower body fat, prevent falls, improve sleep, treat cancer, parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and more

MENTAL HEALTH  Just one exercise session can improve brain function and memory. The effects of regular exercise? Immeasurable

To ultimately live the life you want!

Being physically fit gives you such an advantage in life. It enables you to be energetic and have the enthusiasm to live your life to the full, whatever that means to you.

Whatever your ambitions are, join me in making your life count, to enjoy the years ahead in a positive and inspiring way.