Are you ready to feel, look and move fitter this year?

I offer Personal Training workouts direct to you at your house, either in-person (following strict social distancing protocols) or online via FaceTime or similar.

I have operated in this way for the last 15 years and it works so well because it removes the need for the motivation and time required to go to the local gym or exercise class and ensures continued variety, the main reasons why so many fail in their pursuit of health and fitness gains.

I make the whole process so much more achievable, focused and enjoyable leading to better results. I quite literally bring the gym to you, producing an incredibly personalised, time-efficient and enjoyable workout experience. 

I help all ages and abilities, from the absolute beginner to the more advanced and regular exerciser and currently have clients ranging from their mid 30’s to their mid 80’s.

Let’s delve a little further into some of the many reasons my clients use me?

To get into great shape, focusing on losing weight and toning up

To have the strength, mobility and fitness to participate in their favourite sports and hobbies for as long as possible, at as high a level as possible

To have more energy and get-up-and-go in life

To have the health, fitness and energy levels to travel

To be able to move better, with less aches and pains

To improve confidence and self-esteem

What are the options?

In-Person Workouts (at your House)

Workout with me in-person

Fun, varied and effective

Instant feedback and support

Online Workouts (Live Streamed)

In the diary so it will happen!

Fun, varied and effective

Instant feedback and support

Online Workouts (Pre-Recorded)

Workout when it suits you

Follow along workouts for at home

The ultimate in time-efficient

What happens next?

If you’d like to know more about what I offer and the cost, please either call me direct on 07866 475833 or if you would prefer, simply fill out the form below and I will get back to you ASAP.